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Natural aroma and does not contain acetone, a Japanese made remover one can use with a peace of mind.With a touch of floral, a quickly and efficiently remover.Unlike products in the past, when paste-like commodity with a separate odor removing agent, silky texture that glides suitable during the grafting procedure.With squalene component, while at the same time as a remover, it also brings the moisture protection to eyelashes. In addition, the texture is easy to apply and convenient to smear on each eyelash, suitable for full makeup removal. Although it does not contain acetone, its removal power is very remarkable.★Elegant floral relaxes one’s mind★Moderately hard texture, easy to apply evenly★Pearl White color is easy to determine the amount smeared



Color:Pearl White

Precaution:※Be careful not to dismount the remover flows into the eyes inside.※If it gets in the eyes, immediately rinse out with lukewarm water. And please consult your specialist such as your dermatologist/ophthalmologist.※Be careful do not drop on the floor and clothes, it might have adhere stain and dirt print.