Primer for real lashes



■Features Original brush was evolved easy to paint more! Excellent water resistance. Strong in sweat,water and tear,water-proof.The “voluminous”and “curl upward force” is up.Contains moisturizing can keep in good health eyelashes treatment ingredient panthenol combination.■Method of brushing and cleansing Place the wand deep into the base of the lashes,wiggling it in left to right. It’s the mascara placed near the rootsClose the eye and place the mascara wand on top of lashes at the base.Repeat across your eyelashes,making sure to get every lash.Wash your face thoroughly by splashing water on it several times. Gently dab at the excess around your eyes and very gently try wiping your lashes If applied to much mascara,try to rub your eyelashes with your index finger and thumb. The mascara should then come off easily.■Specification Color:Black